It all started when...

Back in 1839 Duncan’s Great Great Great Grandfather John invented the pillbox! Generations of Robinsons have been working in packaging design ever since.

John Robinson ran a Chemist shop in Belper dispensing his hand made remedies. His patients told him that while his remedies were wondrous, the paper bags left a lot to be desired.

Sensing an opportunity, John designed a round box made from strips of willow, perfect for containing pills. They were so popular he moved swiftly into creating turned wooden round pots and lids for ointments.

His sons William and Charles invented the mass production of boxes and switched to cardboard Pillboxes. Charles’ son John started the first folding Carton manufacturing in the UK in 1926 and invented some of the carton styles we still use today.

Several generations later we are still designing and inventing new packaging at Pillbox Design. We know an awful lot about packaging materials, manufacture, processes, costs and how to make new things happen.