why choose Digiply™ for your box?

all the quality of heavy board but suitable for short run digital print

Unlike traditional heavy board bottle boxes, our Digiply™ registered design bottle boxes can be printed on a digital print press. Perfect for launches and limited runs, get a premium quality product for less, with digital print finishes.



Perfect for product launches where short run print is preferred, Digiply™ offers the quality of a traditional bottle box, but for less.

Digiply™ is our custom designed spirits or wine box, made from standard carton board, twin walled to get the strength needed for a quality feel, but specially engineered to be suitable for digital printing and premium digital print finishes - so you can get high end product packaging with no minimum order quantity.

As a trusted designer and supplier to the spirits market, we’re experienced in designing premium packaging with a touch of class, and high value products deserve high value production finishes.


cost effective in small quantities

Digiply™ uses board thin enough to go through a digital press, with a reinforced designed which keeps the quality, weight, strength and durability of a traditional heavy board box. Perfect for premium spirits and wines where a thick quality box is essential in communicating the quality of the product.

Ideal for limited edition or single cask releases.

The materials used in Digiply™ are suitable for digitally printed embossing, foiling, metallic inks and additional effects without the constraint of needing to order large quantities in a print run to make the job cost effective.