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Packaging design with a focus on elegant form and function, designed to look good, work well and be efficient to produce.




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With 180 years of packaging design and production experience we know how to design beautiful packaging that works for you, your customer, and your production team.

Create an opening experience like no other with a custom designed box created just for your product. Our designs are created fully custom every time, meaning you get an exclusive product just for your brand.

We can create white samples or fully finished luxury printed prototypes in house so you won’t be left waiting around.


Our Process


Understanding your brief

We start every custom packaging, brochure or product label design the same way; by getting to know your company, your customers and your brief. Whether it’s through emails, telephone calls or face-to-face meetings, we’ll take the time to talk through your project so that whatever you need, we can make it happen.

 A problem-solving approach

Our clients often come to us to work through a problem. Maybe you need a custom packaging or product label design that’s more creative or has more stand out on shelf? Maybe you need a new brochure design for your company that reflects your brand? Or maybe you just need your packaging production to be more cost effective? Whatever you need, we’ll do all the hard work for you. We can suggest alternative materials, processes and more efficient ways to get the job done – and if you’re looking for something a little clever and creative, then we’ll find that too.

Creating brand connections

Everything we design, whether it’s custom packaging, a brochure or a product label, is to help your company and brand make a great first impression. Something that’s creative and gets your brand noticed, but in the right way and by the right audience.


Choose Pillbox

Independent design consultancy

Since Pillbox is an independent agency, we will never try to compromise or adjust your design to make sure it fits on a certain type of material, we’re free to suggest the best solution and material for you, based on the needs of your product.

We have helped companies small and large save thousands of pounds on production costs with design innovations which work on streamlining design to use fewer components and maximise the effectiveness of the materials used to get the best security and protection for your product.

We can help you choose the best materials for your product. If you need high levels of visibility, perhaps a sleek reinforced design with an open window could help reduce the need for plastics, or if plastics are unavoidable, we can recommend fully recyclable plastics which will be easy for consumers to separate.


case studies

Lush Star gazing box

This exciting concept rigid box was designed for Hunter Packaging.

This drum gift box projects star shapes onto the ceiling when a smart phone torch is placed inside the box.

The lid of the box can be spun to show different constellations.

All the structural design, prototyping and and testing was done in house. You can see the final version based on our design in the video below.


cloud & cuckoo Teether packaging

With environmental impact a growing interest from not only from government bodies but consumers themselves, this pack was designed with efficiency in mind.

The product window also acts as the product insert. This means when you take out the product, you’ve already separated the recyclable PET window from the card box.

In order to keep costs down and make use of the lovely natural finish of brown kraft board, the design is printed one side only and features a folding tab with tear off care instructions which can be kept aside for quick reference.

We also later developed a slimline pack which uses no plastics at all and is a generic shape suitable to fit other teething products.