Production quality prototypes

Made in our professional packaging studio workshop


Our in house professionals can replicate the effects of large scale print and production on a premium quality prototype.


printed finishes available


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luxury Mail order box packaging

Luxury printed mail order boxes, luxury on the inside and secure on the outside, perfect for the postal system.

box packaging

Box prototypes in all shapes and sizes made from card or plastic.

cosmetics packaging

Cosmetics packaging prototypes available on tubes, tubs, bottles, jars, gift boxes packaging.


bottle & can packaging

We can design, prototype and produce custom bottle and can designs in glass and plastic, with a range of print effects.

Food packaging

Food packaging mock ups, including pouch prototypes, flow-wrapped confectionary mock-ups and drinks pouches.


rigid box packaging

We can create fully pantone matched prints for rigid boxes, available with a range of luxury print finishes.