What is a rigid box?

luxury packaging made by wrapping Solid board with a thin material


Rigid boxes are made by wrapping solid board with a thin material like paper or fabric. Sometimes referred to as paper over board packaging, rigid box packaging offers an unparalleled feeling of luxury and quality, being extremely sturdy and almost always hand produced.


Rigid box design

Benefit from our expert knowledge

Luxury packaging deserves expert attention. Let us take your packaging project from concept to creation. You won’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll make sure your box gets the ‘wow’ effect it needs – whilst also taking into consideration your budget, who will be packing it, and how many you will need. With 180 years of packaging design and production experience we know how to design elegant corrugate packaging that will work for you, your customer, and your production team.

Fully custom packaging design service

We can design complex rigid box shapes and structures tailored to fit your needs and budget. We have even developed hybrid boxes that have the strength of a rigid box, but without the cost. Everything we design is engineered with the end purpose in mind, so you can guarantee an elegant design suited for easy opening, efficient packing and flawless production runs.


luxury rigid box prototypes

production quality luxury rigid box prototypes

We can produce high quality premium rigid box prototypes in our studio workshop, using a range of printers and techniques. We can run high definition digital print, UV cured print, foil transfers, embossing and debossing as well as hand finished effects like glitter coats.

hand finished to perfection

We can produce high quality premium rigid box prototypes in our studio workshop, where we have full control over the design, artwork, print and hand making processes. We take great care in colour matching and hand finishing every prototype to make sure your packaging looks and feels perfect.


Rigid box packaging production

Consistent rigid box packaging production quality

Special finishes can be tricky to get right, which is why we use trusted suppliers and oversee the production of each and every job. We can offer great production lead times with suppliers we work with day in, day out, so you can trust that repeat orders will be consistent.

Our trusted rigid box packaging suppliers

We know that consistency and quality is key to producing a luxury product, which is why we never outsource our corrugate packaging production to the far east - all our corrugate packaging is made in the UK and EU, which means you can get a high quality product with much better lead times, and very competitive pricing.


Premium Finishes

Pantone matched print

Whether you are looking to produce a run of packaging with us or get a prototype made, we offer a colour matching service on printed colours and foils. We can match to printed samples and most colour books including Pantone colours and metallics and Kurz foils.

Luxury print finishes

Rigid box packaging is made by wrapping high quality thin materials around solid board. Since you only need to print the thin material, you can choose from a huge selection of premium materials, print, and finishing effects, as well as hand finishing services. The list below shows some of the finishes available with our prototypes and production runs.


Available finishes:


Popular Rigid box products

Magnet & ribbon closures

Get that reassuring soft snap with a magnet closure. Give a touch of luxury with a closure that will keep edges perfectly aligned, hold content securely and give a satisfying soft click closure.

Magnet closures are popular in book style packaging, where product visibility is possible without compromising on an elegant design.

Ribbon can be used to add a touch of class. Ribbons are perfect for pairing with magnet closures for easy opening, or for a satisfyingly smooth drawer opening.


Premium coloured foam inserts

Our premium foam inserts are available for prototypes and production in a variety of grades and colours. Each foam cut will be designed to fit your product perfectly, so your product will be elegantly presented, securely protected and easily accessed.

If you’re creating your full packaging product with us, we can colour match your printed packaging from your foam insert, giving you the attention to detail your product deserves.


Foil matched transfers

Are you looking at creating the primary packaging for your product as well as the outer box and want to make sure everything matches perfectly? We can create foil transfers matched to pantone colours which can be applied to glass, plastic or printed surfaces, like this prototype sample for Romilly Wilde.


Book Style Rigid Box Packaging

Book box packaging is extremely popular within the gift sector and is particularly suited to offering drawer style or re-opening boxes meant for repeat use, extending the product lifecycle and creating long lasting memories attached to your brand. This example for Neubria uses foiling and spot gloss finishes, a magnet closure and ribbon pull tab.


Unusually shaped rigid box packaging

Nothing makes a statement like a custom shape. Create long lasting brand attachments with a luxury quality box which will get saved and used again. This gift set for Marks and Spencer features a unique slide opening.


base and lid rigid box packaging

Get a smooth opening and closure with base and lid gift box style packaging. A classic for a reason, the gift box offers a satisfying opening experience and is versatile enough to use for heavy items, offering uncompromising protective qualities. This box designed for Cellnovo uses layers of specially cut foam to protectively house a starter kit for a medical device.


Premium advent calendar rigid box packaging

A seasonal staple, rigid box packaging can elevate the way your product interacts with consumers, offering a unique experience to bring joy and variety each day whilst building emotional connections to your brand. This example for Selfridges was created with metallic paper, ribbon and spot gloss finishing.